Our vision is for our teams to be motivated, engaged and energetic.


Product Owner: Dermot

Scrum Master: Bernie

Team members: Bernie Maia, Catherine Hyams, Dermot Ryan, Diana Galarza, Giovanna Rojas, Mihall Curraolin, Raffaele Sacco and Tim Culovic.

Four Pillars – based on self-determination theory

Self-determination theory is a theory of motivation. It is concerned with supporting our natural or intrinsic tendencies to behave in effective and healthy ways.





Outcome – Engagement Canvas


Sprint 1 Goal: Create a toolkit to identify demotivated individuals in a team across each of the four pillars.


Not having the skills required for the job

  • Delivering late
  • Multiple issues
  • Creating technical debt (bugs)
  • No access to training/personal development
  • Lack of knowledge sharing culture.


Individuals not Engaged

  • Not speaking up/contributing
  • Don’t want to attend team “culture events”
  • Making excuse already delivery
  • Complaining
  • Individuals often on devices (laptop/phones) during ceremonies

Observer if roles  x-functional teams are filled

  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Other skills needed to deliver value

Making each other feeling competent

  • Don’t respect each other
  • Name and Shame
  • Foster superstars
  • “My job” your “job attitude”.


Unclear product vision

  • No Ideation
  • Possible goals
  • The work given is not challenging
  • Team did not agree on goals
  • not delivering value
  • Don’t understand user stories

Lack of continuous improvement

  • No root cause analysis
  • No action items
  • No actions on retros

No Personal Alignment with team/org purpose

  • No career plan


An over-reliant, non-bold team

  • Not allowance for initiative
  • not raising one’s voice, always doing what other people say
  • no initiative

Demotivating organisational culture

  • Micromanagement
  • Hierarchical decision making (acceptance gates)
  • Rigid internal processes

Not feeling valued/ listed to

  • Being left out of important decisions/meetings
  • Being shut down when contributing

Our Journey:

  • The Thundercats’s vision: img_5871.jpg
  • First we were set to identify demotivated individuals, by using the 4 pillars of self-determination theory we got to:
    • Relatedness:Relatedness
    • Autonomy:img_5877.jpg
    • Competence:Competence
    • Purpose/Goal:Purpose/Goal
  • We went deeper into some of the previous bullets:
    • Relatedness – Making each other feel unimportant

      Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.34.18 PM

    • Competence – Unclear product visioncompetence2
    • Engagement Approach Framework:engagement approach
    • Parking Lot: Some Ideas to think about …parking_lot.jpg

    Contact us:

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Dermot Ryan –

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Diana Galarza –

Giovanna Rojas –

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